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Shipping Policy

At OHOP Apparel we ask for 7-10 business days for shipping.

This means your items will be shipped to you within 7-10 days. Please be mindful there will be an additional 2-5 days with the postal service. Due to COVID-19 delays please always include accurate contact information upon checkout in the event that we have to send you a delay update. This policy insures a fair processing time for both parties. 

If you have a deadline you would like to have your order by, please contact us before ordering so we can better assist you.

Return & Exchange Policy

Please be mindful when ordering that we enforce a strict no refund policy. Due to the nature of the products and all proceeds funding community events, blessings, and pop ups all SALES AND DONATIONS are final!

If there is an error with your item please contact us at or text 919-337-8488. Please send pictures of your defective product along with a description of the issue and your order number. Each situation will be handled on a case by case basis. You have 2 business days from the official date of delivery to report any defective product or OHOP error.

Q: Is my payment secure?
A: Absolutely! Our orders are all processed with PayPal or Square both safe ways to purchase items online. Each company upholds strict guidelines to ensure that your purchase is secure.

Q: Where is my size?
A: We are able to create our designs in any size. Custom orders are an additional $5-$10 from the base price.
Please contact us to place an order for a size that is not listed. Please note if the item is sold out it will not be available in any size until the next restock date.