You don't ever need validation from anybody, all you need is validation from your creator.

Ray Harper, CEO


About the Founder

Ray L. Harper is a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina.  He has been strongly influenced by his wonderful parents and inspirational grandparents.  The sense of caring and helping others impacted him at an early age.  Simply put, it is a way of life that all should do. He believes that he was designed to impact the world through The O.H.O.P.  Way. Ray has worked in the community with at-risk youth, students with special needs, and the homeless for the past 20+ years.  His life experiences and interactions within the community caused him to expand his influence of helping others to make a positive change in the world.   O.H.O.P. Apparel was created from his love and compassion for people. It is a representation of himself in every word: OTHERS HELPING OTHERS PROSPER (OHOP).

About the Brand

O.H.O.P. Apparel was started in 2003 out of a deep desire to own a clothing brand which had purpose and meaning.  Not just any name on a shirt but one that had a sincere meaning behind it.  O.H.O.P. clothing gives you a sense of pride and compassion when wearing it.  What makes O.H.O.P. different?  We are genuine & authentic and stand by our motto: OTHERS HELPING OTHERS PROSPER.  The proceeds from our products are used to spread love, hope and care through multicultural & diverse projects in the community: THE O.H.O.P. WAY.  We provide clothing for the homeless, program intervention for at-risk kids and the less fortunate, and community support to various agencies.  Our brand is about making sure people know and understand how the O.H.O.P principal can be demonstrated in your everyday lives.  Through ongoing transformation, O.H.O.P. Apparel will and shall continue to promote positive change in the community and beyond.